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ive read around the internet about that being an issue but i dont know where to post it for it Since I don't want to do anything else, I'm just gonna install it. is there a way to install only the lubuntu desktop environment? leo___: no. k There is an alternate installation iso. am I here? TheNumb, do you know of any other way to install Lubuntu? leo___: yes, you can use a minimal installation iso. no gotcha you'd need to install lubuntu-desktop i don't want the other things like LXDE i just want a desktop environment that has a really simple interface okay, thanks! you're best installing lubuntu-desktop package, as that will pull in the needed bits the package name is lubuntu-desktop hi there, i'm trying to build a package in my ppa and it's just not working. the build log at shows "E: Failed to fetch Could not resolve ''" I'm getting an error saying that the release of python is not supported python-central and python3-central are both not supported in Ubuntu 13.10




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Peavey Pv14 Usb Driver Download rushengl

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